Prize Wheel
Article: Trade Show Games Draw A Crowd
31inch diameter prize wheel with 12 wedges. FloorModel

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31" Prize Wheel - 12 Wedges
Floor Model

Trade Show Games Draw A Crowd

Trade Shows are hard work. Not only do you need to strategize your marketing efforts, you must plan for the event itself. Being 1 vendor in a sea of similar type vendors can make it difficult for marketing messages to be heard. Therefore, implore some human psychology into your marketing efforts. If you want success at a trade show, you’ll need a trade show game. People like to have fun and will usually flock to any booth that offers it. There’s a little problem, though. Unless you’re in the gaming industry, you’re not in the business of having fun. You're most likely a business owner who is expertised in your own industry and you rely on others to advise you on matters of entertainment that will draw in potential sales leads.

Trade Show Game Prize WheelWhat should you look for in a trade show game?

1. Fun, excitement, and an opportunity to show off the very best your business has to offer.
2. Interactivity and excitement in a game that nearly everyone can enjoy.
3. Created opportunity to interact one-on-one with your potential customers.
4. Sounds and colors that capture attention. You want to create a buzz to attract crowds.

Between the sound of the clicker and the flash of colorful prize cards, this simple trade show game can create excitement and bring your presentation to life. It’s this kind of fun and excitement that has brought success to small businesses around the country, both at trade shows and as a stand-alone marketing tool. The secret to effective trade show marketing is to use techniques that gather a crowd which naturally attracts an even larger crowd. Crowd pleasers such as prize wheels or cash money machines in your display area are to draw people in so your team can engage them in discussion about your products and services.

Our trade show game prize wheel is completely customizable. You can choose the colors, themes and prizes to put into the prize wedges. You have complete control over how to incorporate this prize wheel into your trade show promotions. Numbered wheels are a simple choice. As a participant lands on a number, they win the corresponding prize for that number. Numbered trade show games are easy to create and can be used again and again. As you use your trade show game in different trade show venues, you can change out the elements of your prize wheel to make it look new and unique to the event.  You have the ability to customize prize wedges with a simple slide-in, slide-out action.  Trade show giveaway can be instrumental in an exhibitor's efforts to draw traffic to his or her display area and mine for prospects. While promotional items are common trade show ideas to implement, the key to using your prize wheel successfully is to have winning items that have relevancy to your company and are useful to attendees. There's nothing that attracts trade show attendees to your booth like a chance to win a great prize!

Trade Show Game at Private Trade Show Networking PartyPrize Wheel At Trade Show Private Networking Event

After workshops and perusing the exhibition hall, participants often return to their hotel rooms and look for something to do in their free time. Let your trade show game work for you again by adding a private networking event for those participants who are high-opportunity leads. Organize an evening of mingling with opportunities to connect face-to-face again in a party environment.  You can personally invite booth visitors during the day's exhibitions, and get their contact information and use texting or twitter to remind them about coming. Be prepared to have additional "lead" forms with more detailed information at your private networking event so you can easily identify your top prospects and follow up with them after your trade show event. At your networking event, change out your prize wedges to complement your party theme. Use your trade show game in a new capacity to give out door prizes. Then, change out your  trade show game wheel again during the same evening for special prize drawing sessions through out the evening. This sporatic prize wheel entertainment will encourage lingering and additional networking while waiting for the next prize drawing. Your prize wedges can be made to accommodate any theme, color or style at your evening event by simply printing the prize wedges from your office printer.