Prize Wheel
Prize Wheel Attraction At Your Trade Show Event
31inch diameter trade show prize wheel with 18 wedges. FloorModel

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31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Floor Model

Prize Wheel Attraction At Your Trade Show Event

By Brian Jardine

Anyone who’s seen the long, long Trailer knows about the excitement customers can experience at an industry expo. While Lucille Ball was drawn in by the prospect of living in an attractive, luxurious motor home, your customers might not be so apt to grab the nearest pen to sign that contract. Some products just don’t hold the visual appeal that some businesses depend on to turn a product. Which demolition expert can say that they bought a specific brand of electronic detonators because they were “pretty”? Your product might be able to sell itself if customers have a chance to see how useful it can be in their personal or business life but, if you can’t grab their attention in the first place, how will consumers even find out about your product or service?

If you are one of the businesses that find it difficult to attract attention at a trade show event, you might want to consider getting a prize wheel. Yes, the game often seen at carnivals and local fairs that gives contestants a chance to spin to win. A trade show is a public event and, in many ways, is like a fair. The air is electric with the excitement of customers and vendors, alike. The many booth attractions compete with each other as trade show visitors wander around trying to make up their minds which booth to visit. So, it leads one to believe that the effects a prize wheel has on a carnival visitor will also have the same effect on the trade show visitor at your trade show event.

Trade Show Game Prize WheelWhat should you look for in a trade show game?

1. Fun, excitement, and an opportunity to show off the very best your business has to offer.
2. Interactivity and excitement in a game that nearly everyone can enjoy.
3. Created opportunity to interact one-on-one with your potential customers.
4. Sounds and colors that capture attention. You want to create a buzz to attract crowds.

Running a trade show booth is not all fun and games. You have got to know your product and, just as importantly, know your target market. Who is most likely to be interested in what your business has to offer? Will you use your prize wheel to attract attention and offer potential customers a chance to win a prize or will you insert prompts into the prize wedges and use the wheel as an educational tool? It is all about how you have planned to get those customer leads at your trade show event.

With this prize wheel, you will have the choice to use your prize wedges as you see fit. Using free templates, you can create your prize wheel wedges in advance and simply slide them in and out as you draw attention to your booth display. Some vendors use the prize wheel as the colorful, clicking, cheering and applauding attention-grabber. With this kind of attention-grabber, visitors can browse around your booth for hours in the hope of spinning the wheel. Other vendors will use the prize wheels for questions and answers in more intimate one-on-one sessions. Regardless of how you use your prize wheel, it creates an atmosphere of fun, entertainment and engagement. After hours of sitting through keynote presentations and jotting down valuable pieces of information, trade show visitors want to find a booth that they can enjoy and discover valuable industry information. So, be the trade show booth that attracts an audience to your products or services.

Private Networking Party At Trade Show Event Private Networking Event At Your Trade Show Event

After workshops and perusing the exhibition hall, participants often return to their hotel rooms and look for something to do in their free time. Let your prize wheel game work for you again by adding a private networking event for those participants who are high-opportunity leads. Organize an evening of mingling with opportunities to connect face-to-face again in a party environment.  You can personally invite booth visitors during the day's exhibitions, and get their contact information and use texting or twitter to remind them about coming. Be prepared to have additional "lead" forms with more detailed information at your private networking event so you can easily identify your top prospects and follow up with them after your trade show event. At your networking event, change out your prize wheel wedges to complement your party theme. Use your trade show game in a new capacity to give out door prizes. Then, change out your spin to win game wheel again during the same evening for special prize drawing sessions through out the evening. This sporadic prize wheel entertainment will encourage lingering and additional networking while waiting for the next prize drawing. Your prize wedges can be made to accommodate any theme, color or style at your evening event by simply printing the prize wedges from your office printer.