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18 Wedge Prize Wheel - Table Top Model
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18 Wedge Prize Wheel TABLE Stand Model
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Price: $275.00
Dimensions Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs.)
Product 16.50 31.00 41.00 11.50
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The 31" diameter Prize Wheel has 18 prize wedges and is designed with a tripod for use on a table. Clicker and logo center plate are INCLUDED.  Prize Wheel comes fully assembled.This is the best qualify prize wheel on the market today! Made with exceptional precision, this prize wheel is an investment piece that can be used over & over. This spin to win game is black with a white clicker. Perfect for event or meeting planners, annual sales meetings, tradeshows, product meetings, training sessions and many more. Celebrate a co-worker’s birthday or anniversary. Use the wheel of fortune at tradeshow to create booth buzz and draw a crowd. Keep the attention of your meeting participants in product training and human resource meetings by adding fun. In addition, keep the spin to win prize wheel in the office for employee motivation days. Everyone loves the chance to win an extra hour of lunch time! Boost your exposure for a grand opening event by using a prize wheel to keep participants "interested" in your products and services. Use the free templates to create your own prize wedges. Simply print from your home or office printer & slide prize wedge into the prize wheel slot. No sticking, peeling or erasing needed. Add spin to win fun to your next event!

UPGRADE TO A FLOOR STAND MODEL. A floor stand prize wheel can be converted into a table top prize wheel. You'll get the best of both model options.

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Wheel of Fortune Features:


This prize wheel has 18 prize wedges and comes with a sturdy tripod stand made of high quality powder-coated steel.


This game wheel is made from ABS and PETG plastics.


1 CLICKER Included: This trade show prize wheel features 1 clicker that "clicks" between each slot - 18 clicks per rotation; Clicker is made of durable nylon. An additional clicker is always a good idea.


Create your own prizes using free template files in Microsoft Word® & Adobe Illustrator® formats on our website.


This product is NOT intended for 1 time use only. You can change out your prize wedges each time you use this prize wheel. Our center plate is magnetically attached to the prize wheel and uses removable labels for branding customization. You can customize your own center plate or purchase additional center plates to use when you want a different center design. Use it often and enjoy the fun it brings!


Prize Wheel can be easily transported in our Prize Wheel Travel Case.


11.5 lbs


31"W X 41"H X 16.5"D



Create Your Own Prizes Using Our Free Template Files

12 wedge prize wheel - 31 Adobe Illustrator
Prize Wedge Blank Template
Adobe Illustrator
8" Center Plate
Microsoft Word
Prize Wedge Blank Template
Microsoft Word
8" Center Plate
Pre-Designed Template
Adobe Illustrator Only