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12 Wedge Prize Wheel - Table Top Model
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12 Wedge Prize Wheel - Table Top Model 12 Wedge Prize Wheel - Table Top Model 12 Wedge Prize Wheel - Sturdy Tripod


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12 Wedge Prize Wheel TABLE Stand Model
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This wheel-of-fortune is the perfect spin-to-win prize wheel for your next gathering, meeting, trade show, event, carnival, or festival. This customizable 31" diameter Prize Wheel has 12 prize wedges and is designed with a tripod for use on a table top. This table top, spin-to-win prize wheel is made with an exceptional precision, comes with the clicker and logo center plate, and is designed to be used for years to come, over and over again! You can use this prize wheel to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday or anniversary or you can use this wheel of fortune at a trade show to create booth buzz and draw a crowd. You can easily keep your product training exciting and engaging when you add this spin the wheel to your presentations. The addition of this spin-to-win prize wheel to your corporate office as an employee rewards game is an optimal and exciting way to stimulate worker productivity. A table top prize wheel can be converted into a floor stand model prize wheel by adding extension legs. That way, you'll get the best of both model options.

Prize wheels are the perfect addition to all of your special events:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Christmas Party
  • Home Promotional Products - Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef
  • Trade Show Booth Giveaways
  • School Carnivals
  • Tourist Centers
  • Fundraisers
  • Promotional Events
You can customize your prize wedges by using the free templates provided on our website.  You just simply print from your home or office printer and slide the prize wedge into the prize wheel slot—no sticking, peeling or erasing needed.

12 Wedge Spin Wheel Table Top Model Includes:

12 wedge prize wheel table top model31" DIAMETER WHEEL: This game wheel is made from ABS and PETG virgin plastics. There is a transparent plastic that is bonded to the black wedges of the prize wheel. This ensures that your prize wedges do not slip, move, fall out during spinning. Clickers ARE included. Prize Wheel comes fully assembled.

1 CLICKER Included: This trade show prize wheel features 1 clicker that "clicks" between each slot - 12 clicks per rotation; Clicker is made of durable nylon.

TRIPOD LEGS:  The tripod is very durable and sturdy. Tripod legs are made of 1" diameter, high quality powder-coated steel. Assembly required to attach the prize wheel to the tripod legs. However, we do provide all the parts needed for fast assembly.

CONVERTS TO A FLOOR MODEL: This table top prize wheel can convert into a floor version simply by adding extension legs & relocating the rubber feet.

TEMPLATES FOR CUSTOMIZATION: Create your own prize wedges using free template files we provide on our website for Microsoft Word® & Adobe Illustrator® formats. See bottom of this web page. If you want your prize wedges designed professionally, we can help, too. If you have already created your prizes, we can do custom printing and your prizes will be ready to slide onto the spin wheel.

PORTABILITY: This prize wheel can be easily transported in a hard-shell prize wheel travel case with recessed foam or a soft carrying case. Travel cases are highly recommended so you will keep everything together and be able to carry your prize wheel easily to your next event. Please do NOT leave your prize wheel in a hot car or travel van. The spin wheel can melt or warp when left in a hot vehicle. Learn more about our guarantee.

WEIGHT: 11.5 lbs.
The spin wheel will make a big impression but it's very lightweight.

DIMENSIONS: 31"W X 41"H X 16.5"D

COLORS: Black spin wheel with white clicker

Create Prizes Using Our Free Templates

Add spin-to-win fun to your next event! Generate a buzz and excitement with this tabletop prize wheel!

12 wedge prize wheel template Adobe Illustrator®
Prize Wedge Blank Template
Adobe Illustrator®
8" Center Plate Template
Microsoft Word®
Prize Wedge Blank Template
Microsoft Word®
8" Center Plate