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Article: Pet Grooming Business Promotions With Prize Wheel
20.5 inch mini prize wheel with logo and 12 prize wedges. Table Stand Model Only

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20.5" Mini Prize Wheel - 12 Wedges
Table Stand Model

Pet Grooming Business Promotions With a Prize Wheel

by Brian Jardine

Pet Grooming Services and Products Promoted By Prize WheelStarting a mobile pet grooming business can be grueling work. You love animals but hate the idea of marketing your new business, dealing with cranky customers, and deciding on prices that are fair but competitive. That is the attitude of most passionate entrepreneurs. With a little creativity, you might just find a marketing campaign that draws in the customers and builds client relations easily so you can focus on doing what you love, grooming cats and dogs. A prize wheel could be the answer to your start-up business’s problems. By creating an air of fun and excitement, it is the perfect solution for drawing in new customers.

Love Those Pets and Groom Your Business!

Since a mobile pet grooming business does not stay in one place for very long, it is important to find a spin wheel that can be easily transported. While a super-sized prize wheel can turn heads from a block away, lugging it around in a van can be nearly impossible. Thankfully, mini spin wheels offer the same universal appeal as their super-sized counterparts while being small and light-weight enough to make transporting them a breeze. Once you have the mini wheel, all you have to do is take it out every time you make a stop. Each time you groom a pet, a dozen potential customers can get the opportunity to spin the wheel for a prize.

Mobile pet services are beginning to gain popularity in California but, with the right tools and a solid professional image, you can enjoy success regardless of the state or territory you live in. The key is in making a good impression. If customers do not feel that you possess the skills necessary to perform professional grooming services, you will not succeed, whether you have the incredible power of a prize wheel behind you or not. Invest in a professional uniform, have the van emblazoned with your company logo, and always act courteous and respectful. If customers have confidence in you, you will earn their trust and keep their business.

Pet Grooming Mobile Promotions

Pet grooming, as a profession, is not a simple as it may seem. If you plan to start a mobile pet grooming service and have not pursued formal training, you may want to reconsider. Also, seeking credentials and the endorsements of local pet salons can greatly help in establishing you as a respected professional. It is important to remember that many pet owners view their cats and dogs as their children. Always treat a customer’s pet with utmost respect. Being branded as insensitive toward animals can ruin your career in pet grooming and your business hangs on your reputation.

Create Your Own Pet-Related Prizes

Although you may love animals, in order to work with them you will need to convince their owners that you are worthy of their trust. So, allow your community to get to know you more with farmer's market appearances, pet adoption support and animal advocacy involvement. In each of your appearances, you can create your own prizes on your prize wheel. Using free templates, you can add your own colors, designs, branding and prizes to your prize wedges. Simply print the prizes on your home or office printer and slide the prizes onto the prize wheel. As your events change, you can swap out your prize wedges and center plate logo designs.

Partner With Local Community Members On Pet Projects

Being a part of a local network that emphasizes a specific cause in your community can become a powerful networking place. Sharing in a joined target audience, you can increase your branding and business exposure by offering your prize wheel to the group efforts. For example, you might volunteer at an event with the Humane Society while promoting your pet grooming services. Moreover, encourage more local support by connecting with local vets and pet suppliers in the area and ask them to donate special deals for the day. Perhaps a vet provides a full exam for newly adopted pets or toys, food and accessories can be won on the prize wheel. By sharing in a join venture, both you, your cause and your audience will benefit from join venture.

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