Prize Wheel
Article: Fun Ideas For Office Meetings
31inch diameter prize wheel with 18 wedges. Table Stand Model

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31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Table Top Model

Fun Ideas for Your Office Meetings

Nothing can more draining than a long, boring meeting. If helping employees, clients, or management stay focused and interested is key to a successful meeting, developing a few fun ideas can be the most important aspect of the meeting planning process. What qualifies as fun? Fun is very subjective and depends on the tastes of the individuals participating but, in order for an activity to be defined as fun, it must contain three central elements.

Prize Wheel holds attention at office meeting1. It must hold attention

Everyone knows that doing something one enjoys is much easier to focus on. Fun activities hold one's attention, often to the point of disregarding important tasks. Children often have to be called away from their video games to eat dinner, spend time with the family, or do chores. Adults are no less "addicted" to their hobbies; some men and women would miss work to enjoy a concert or spend time at an amusement park. This is not entirely a bad thing: people need fun to stay productive and live happy lives.

2. It must result in something desired

Racecar drivers have fun driving their vehicles at top speeds because doing so results in a feeling of excitement and a "rush" they often cannot describe. Children enjoy roller coasters for the same reason. Some experience a feeling of excitement when playing bingo, betting on a race, or playing roulette. Ultimately, a positive feeling must be experienced in order for one to claim some activity as "fun".

3. It must relieve tension

Though not all activities that relieve tension can be described as "fun", every fun activity has the power of relieving tension from its participants. If it couldn't, there wouldn't be much use for things labeled "fun", would there? With this in mind, coming up with fun ideas for the next business meeting should be considerably easier. One of the most universally effective tool in generating fun in a meeting while maintaining productivity is the use of a prize wheel. Whether topics to discuss are chosen via spinning the wheel or prizes are given to employees for their correct answers, a wheel of fortune could easily be considered a very fun addition to any meeting.

A few other fun ideas to include:

  • Throwing a ball to meeting participants to signify that it is their turn to add something useful to the meeting
  • Putting out candy and other snacks (a tired participant is an unproductive one)
  • Using visual elements or props to illustrate specific business concepts
Imagination is key when trying to determine what might be a fun idea for the next meeting. It's important to remember not to go overboard - the purpose of a meeting is to get certain information across. A balance can be established, however, between productivity and fun, so that one compliments the other.