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Article: Prize Wheel At A College Sports Event
31inch diameter prize wheel with 18 wedges. Table Stand Model

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31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Table Top Model

Prize Wheel At A College Sports Event

There's more to college sports than meets the eye. While most are content cheering for their favorite team and watching in excitement as each team has their moments of glory, college sports can also be a great opportunity for non-profit organizations looking to raise funds for a special project. Simply placing a prize wheel near the concession stand and selling tickets to spin the wheel can help raise thousands of dollars in a single game. Prizes could be anything from team pennants to autographed helmets or sports jerseys. For Ivy League universities, giving fans an opportunity to meet with a star player could be a great way to boost interest in the prize wheel promotion.

prize wheel at a college sports event

It's Easier Than You Think

In 2010, the Miami Dolphins raised a substantial amount of funds for the Miami Dolphins Foundation simply by placing various prize games around the stadium during sports events. Penn State University, too, has had tremendous success with similar fundraisers. There's no question that sports fans are willing to help support a worthy cause. With a little creativity and a good quality prize wheel, your university club or non-profit organization can provide the opportunity for well meaning fans to help make the world a better place in which to live. The great thing about prize wheels is that you don't have to rely on a stranger's kindness to help you raise funds. The fun and opportunity to win a prize involved in spinning the wheel is more than enough motivation to buy a ticket.

Don't be afraid to set the price of the spin wheel ticket high. You should never underestimate the power of the prize wheel in attracting fun-seeking contestants. One look at the enormous entertainment industry should convince you that people have no qualms about paying for fun. All you have to do is set the spin wheel up, offer great prizes, and let everyone know that it is for charity. Be sure to customize the wheel, too. You can potentially double the number of 'contestants' you attract just by using bright colors and creating an attractive logo for the center plate.

A Marketing Tool You Can Reuse

The most important thing you have to consider when choosing a spin wheel is quality. Since the return on investment of a top quality spin wheel is so high, you can afford to invest in an American-made product. By buying only the best, you'll never have to worry that the spin wheel will break apart after a few hours of heavy use.

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Prize Wheels come in all sizes. We make it easy to find the best one for you promotional or marketing event. Knowing if you'll need a prize wheel to stand on a table top or deciding if you'll using it as a stand-along marketing game might help. Also, knowing the size of the venue and duration of the event helps in deciding what prize wheel to select. Regardless of which prize wheel you choose, they all work in the same way. Your customer spins the wheel and they will win a prize. It's fun. It's interactive. It's engaging.